Titrette® is the first bottletop burette to meet class A error limits for glass burettes. In addition, it stands out for easy titration, a compact design, excellent precision, an exchangeable dosing unit, and an optional PC interface. You can use the Titrette® to titrate quickly and reliably, even with restricted space and independent of available power connections – in the laboratory, in production, or in the field.

In detail:

The Titrette® burette incorporates a simple and effective design for bottle attachment.

Separate buttons for on/off, pause, and CLEAR to delete the display and select function.

Non-slip hand wheels and a smooth-running precision gear set for fast or drip titration make handling reliable and especially simple.

Volum Nominal

10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml

Interfata PC

RS 232, fara interfata

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Bottle-top burette Titrette®

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